Two of the big selling points about big ship cruising, alongside only needing to unpack your suitcase once, is the ability to do as much or as little as you like. While there are some who will find their favourite poolside lounge chair and barely move from it for the entire voyage, there are also many who enjoy getting involved in as many social activities as possible. But in order to know what is on, where and when, each ship produces a daily program which is distributed to each stateroom each evening. Each includes basic information about which port your ship is in the next day, if any, the weather forecast, and so much more.

The daily program delivery is also taken by the cruise lines as an opportunity to disseminate any specific communications relevant to a passenger’s voyage via the stateroom attendant in his or her daily or twice-daily cleaning and cabin servicing. Along with the daily guide, passenger’s returning from dinner may also find a chocolate on their pillow or even an animal made out of towels – one of the cute perks synonymous with cruising.

This article will take a look at five such guides and why you should always keep one in your pocket. If you lose your delivered copy or get it wet, more are usually available from the Reception desk. Click through and check them all out. Which is your favourite?