In developing the P&O Edge Adventure Park, P&O Cruises’ activity designers took deck plans and photos of the line’s three (at the time) ships and set their imaginations to work, disregarding areas of the ship traditionally off-limits to passengers and thinking how they could safely use that area to provide yet more exciting and entertaining option to its guests.

Central to designers’ thinking was not so much what could be offered, but how each event could be safely facilitated. It was in this process that the line realised just how much space onboard were not being properly utilised and what was indeed possible.

With that thinking and that freedom in mind, P&O Cruises boffins came up with a huge array of up to 19 different activities which it, in conjunction with external company Pacific Adventures, set about equipping their ships with the safety gear and course infrastructure required to run these events. Since then, the program has been a massive hit with guests.

The line’s relationship with Pacific Adventures continues today to facilitate the operation of the program onboard all five P&O Cruises ships today. It’s important to note that due to a ship’s individual designs, not every single activity may be available on all ships, so it’s wise to check in advance to make sure if you have a particular preference, that it is on offer.

Beginning with the upper-most decks of the ship, one of the most popular activities in the P&O Edge Adventure Park is the Big Screen Climb. This particular experience requires a reasonable level of physical ability and definitely a stomach for heights.

You will gain access to a part of the ship normally off-limits and eventually will find yourself standing at the top of the ship’s outdoor movie screen where a photo will be taken. To complete the experience, P&O will project a message onto the screen itself which can be included in your photo – it’s the perfect social media moment you can share from your cruise.

The cinema screen isn’t the highest you can get. Many P&O ships have had the side of their exhaust funnels transformed into a rock climbing wall, enabling you to ascend nearly all the way to the top. The same space offers another activity in the Funnel Abseil, although this is separate and not intended to be attempted immediately after the rock climb.

Further to the front of the ship, there are several activities available including the Cargo Net Race, where participants compete against each other to see who is the fastest to ascend a net. There will be a great view waiting for you at the top.

Also at the front of the ship, guests will find the Bow Ladder Climb, which is exactly as it sounds. Guests slowly ascend the outside of the front of the ship, past the Captain’s Bridge and all the way to the top. If you think this looks easy, you’ll be surprised and probably out of breath sooner than you might think.

While you’re at the top of the ship, another activity which begins up there is the Flying Fox. Simply put, guests are harnessed and strapped in for a thrilling ride across the top of the ship, which will likely be crowded with other passengers at the time to watch you sail past.