Even as the fleet undergoes a renewal period, P&O Cruises is sure to keep its culture of providing guests with a range of opportunities to get dressed up and party the night away at various stages of the voyage if they choose.

During any regular P&O sailing, three of five different themed celebrations can present themselves at various points. These will be detailed well before departure, giving guests ample time to get their outfits and accessories together to ensure they meet the code. Here, we will run through the five party themes to excite you about booking a P&O voyage for your next cruise holiday.

Sailaway Party

The ship is fully boarded, has pulled in the gangways, and has just set off from the pier – it’s the longest possible time before your holiday ends and worth celebrating. As its name suggests, the Sailaway Party is held on the first afternoon of your cruise, straight after you’ve boarded and completed the mandatory safety drill.

Once you’ve had your name ticked off at this drill and been dismissed by the Captain, it’s time to head to the top deck and wave goodbye to dry land for a little while. One of the ship’s DJs will be spinning tunes, the drinks will be flowing at one of the top deck bars, and the wind will be through your hair as you snap selfies and quickly post them on social media before the ship gets too far out to sea. Everyone is in a great mood, and it’s easy to see why.

Bianco White Party

Introduced recently as part of a renewed focus on entertainment for guests on P&O Cruises, the Bianco White Party is held on all ships and most voyages of three nights or more departing from Australia, likely the night before a sea day which you can spend to recover. The Bianco White Party will be held concurrently with the Sailaway Party on shorter trips.

Guests are encouraged to dress head-to-toe in white clothes, even shoes, if they own a white pair, and ladies can decorate their hair with white accessories. The ship will also be decorated entirely in white, with balloons tied up, white cocktails served at the bar, and a white selfie wall where guests can snap some photos.

For kids, a special Bianco White Party will also be held during the cruise.

Nero Black Party

Just like the Bianco White Party is on the schedule for Australian cruises, P&O created a particular party for its New Zealand guests – the Nero Black Party – which takes place on all cruises departing from Auckland and celebrates the Kiwi nation’s favorite color.

Therefore, travelers at this party can expect plenty of All Blacks rugby jerseys and other black garments. Like the White Party, the top deck will have black balloons, drinks, and plenty of dark yet positive energy.

Gatsby Party

Immortalized most recently by Leonardo DiCaprio in the latest Hollywood adaptation of the classic novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ and perhaps most famously by Robert Redford in the 1970s version, the F. Scott Fitzgerald story has inspired a whole culture of 1920s party elegance.

P&O Cruises has also caught on to this trend, hosting its Gatsby Cocktail Party in place of its formal nights on cruises longer than three nights. Gentlemen don their swish vintage suits, and ladies doll up in their flapper dresses for the occasion, and if you don’t own any, you can grab plenty of suitable themed accessories in the ship’s retail outlets. Before the party, there will be arts and crafts sessions where guests can make a classy headband.

The high-end occasion will usually be held in one of the ship’s lounges, theatres, or nightclubs and will feature live jazz music to dance to, sparkling drinks, and plenty of styles.

Back to School Party

On cruises of five nights or longer, guests are encouraged to pack their school uniforms into their luggage for P&O’s Back to School Party, which features on all ships.

Exclusively for adults, this retro celebration will see the ship DJ playing plenty of old-school tunes you remember from your formative years if you were often the one in trouble while at school; you can even dress up as your favorite (or least favorite) teacher for the night.