You may just assume that every cabin is created equal, but the reality is that couldn’t be further from the truth. The way modern ships are designed sees all sorts of different shaped cabins with things like larger balconies and better views often costing no more than standard cabins in that category. At the same time, a few dollars more could pick you up an almost suite sized stateroom without the suite price tag.

Celebrity Solstice is one such ship that is jam packed with an assortment of cabin options. We have picked out our favourite staterooms to help make your cabin choice a little easier.

Sunset Verandahs

Perched directly over the rear of the ship and looking towards the wake, Celebrity Solstice features some of the best balconies at sea for a wake view. Tiered across decks six, seven and eight, the sunset verandahs feature oversized balconies and are the only ones not attached to a suite that attracts the sun, as Celebrity Solstice’s standard balconies are all completely covered.

Sunset Verandah staterooms are also completely shielded from the oncoming wind that can affect the balconies on the sides of the ship.

Family Verandah

Few cruise ships at the luxury end of the market feature family friendly stateroom options, but Celebrity Solstice is leading the charge. However with only four of these forward located staterooms spread across decks seven and eight, availability is quite limited. Each of these staterooms features two bedrooms – one master bedroom for Mum & Dad and one bedroom for the third and fourth passengers.

The stateroom also features a sitting area and separate dining area, along with 270-degree views from both a balcony and forward facing windows. The staterooms – which are almost as large as the Sky Suites only has one disappointing feature – it only has one bathroom which all four guests must share.

The Hump Balconies

Positioned almost directly mid-ship, these standard balcony staterooms feature larger than normal balconies as the shape of the ship protrudes away from the main structure. In some instances these can be 20-30% bigger than standard balconies and also provide the added benefit of being able to look back or forward with ease, rather than having to crane your neck to see.

The Bow Oceanview Staterooms

If you are a fan of natural light and don’t want to splash for a balcony, consider one of these forward facing Oceanview staterooms. With almost floor to ceiling windows, these staterooms, which are spread across decks seven and eight provide unrivalled views of the bow and are a great place to enjoy coming into and out of port. They are also a great option for those whom want an ocean view but don’t want to be on deck three where most of these staterooms are located.

The Aqua Class Aft Staterooms

Offering a view similar to that of the Sunset Veranda, these five cabins also provide all the benefits and perks of being Aqua Class guests – such as exclusive dining in Blu Restaurant and priority check-in. Perched up on Deck 11, the view also has the added benefit of height, enabling you to appreciate even more of it, while still being close to the pool and therefore not having to walk far cold and wet after a swim.