Frequently heard upon the end of a cruise holiday are murmurings and exclamations from travellers that they wish it didn’t have to end. Well, now Princess Cruises has found a way, albeit an expensive way, for a pretty big tangible component of a cruise to go home with you.

Just buy the bed from your stateroom. Or if not the very one, another just like it.

The line is well underway with its project of installing nearly 50,000 units of its recently developed Princess Luxury Bed across its global fleet – a task which it said will take three years. Much of the fleet has been fitted already, including ships sailing in Australia including Sun Princess among others.

At this stage, the ensemble is able to be shipped throughout the United States, however the possibility of it being made available for buyers in Australia either individually or via a locally based importer and wholesale distributor hasn’t been ruled out. The mattress retails for US$999 or a complete bed can be ordered for US$1,799.

According to its designers, “The Sleep Doctor” Dr Michael Breus and Candice Olsen, the bed was made especially for Princess Cruises via a collaboration from some of the most luxurious bed manufacturers in the world. The bed blends “the science of sleep with the pinnacle of design”, its makers say.

Core elements of the bed include a two-inch thick pillow top medium-firm mattress, coils individually wrapped to reduce sway, full foam casing and circular knitted mattress ticking which adapts to all body shapes and apparently even suits those who move a lot in a night. The full ensemble also includes fine bed linens, virgin polyester and hypoallergenic fibrefill in its duvet and a choice of either feather or non-allergenic microfibre in the king-sized pillows.

“After receiving an overwhelming number of guest requests to purchase our Princess Luxury Bed, we’re excited to bring this offering into homes so that our guests can revel in that vacation feeling every night,” Princess Cruises president Jan Swartz commented.