Princess Cruises will begin the rollout and installation process of parent company Carnival Corporation’s revolutionary Ocean Medallion from this week when Caribbean Princess enters the dry dock renovation yard in the Bahamas.

While the Ocean Medallion system will not actually be switched on until March next year, the 3,140-passenger ship will be fitted with all of the wiring and technology needed to begin offering the intuitive customer features from Day 1.

In the meantime, Caribbean Princess will reflect the latest and newest Princess Cruises experience. The new-look Camp Discovery Youth & Teen Centre, aimed at travellers aged between 3-17, will be installed as part of the line’s ongoing partnership with the Discovery Channel. For older kids, Mythbusters themed activities are also offered, including access to cool science experiments and challenges. Kids can also learn about the parts of the world they are sailing through destination themed activities.

The Treehouse (3-7) – Featuring colourful and stimulating animal designs all over the walls, set in a playful forest setting, this room for the youngest children onboard will offer free play and scheduled activities to encourage creativity and learning in a safe environment.

The Lodge (8-12) – Adolescents need more socially inclusive activities and that’s what The Lodge offers, according to Princess Cruises. Kids are invited to mix with their fellow cruisers, engage in sports and video games to help foster friendships to pursue both during and after their holiday.

The Beach House (13-17) – Designed for teenagers rapidly approaching adulthood, The Beach House is a relaxed zone which while still supervised, allows the older kids to hang out and chill with groups their own age. Scheduled activities are offered, often taking them outside the Kids Club and to other parts of the ship, such as the theatre. Surf-themed, this room is a safe party with a mature theme.

Nearly 90 interconnecting staterooms will also be added, opening up new possibilities for families to cruise in larger groups while still accommodated together. All staterooms throughout the ship will also see the line’s new Luxury Bed installed, delivering a more lush sleep experience for all guests through collaboration with US sleep expert Dr Michael Breus.

The ship will see its ‘Movies Under The Stars’ screen upgraded to HD, improving the image quality through smarter contrast, a brighter screen, wide-angle viewing and boosted audio.

Once complete with its renovation and refurbishment, Caribbean Princess will cross the Atlantic to cruise in the British Isles, south to France and north to Iceland before returning to spend an extended period of time sailing its namesake Caribbean region, based from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.